Monday, February 29, 2016

Axiom Six, Data Flow and Order of Operations of Baryonic Communications Output of Data

I have understood light has always been characterized as a wave and a particle. But they are correct in say it is only received through the electron. This model suggest the photon is a lateral wave. It has electromagnetic properties, spectra records, frequency, wavelength, rotation, temperature, velocity and length. This produces all the aspects a wave and yet its temperature and length causes one to understand it as having particle properties. This is an incorrect assumption. It is a data stream.

In this model a Z Boson induces an electron to emit a photon. This process of creation of the electron causes the oscillations in the electron as it stores the nuclear data from the baryon nucleus transmitted by the Z Boson as a Birkeland current.

The electron during the storage process causes release of a perpendicular oscillation of density called the Phonon.

After the Photon data is stored in the electron it is emitted as a Photon. The electron emits the data in a stream that has length, a starting point, the stream of data, and an ending point. This accounts for the quasi particle properties.

As the electron emits the photon it releases a Magnon. This is a perpendicular wave longitudinal spiral magnetic wave.

So the length and data of the photon causes the other particle quasi output properties.

One electron is responsible for three output waves. 2 longitudinal and one lateral. The  two longitudinal are density (Phonon) and magnetic (Magnon) , and the lateral wave is heat, spectra, wavelength, frequency, (photon).

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