Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why we see Anti-Gluons and Anti-Quarks

Why do we occasionally see Anti-Quarks and Anti-Gluons when particle accelerators teams do their amazing stuff?

The vibrations of Gluon and Anti-Gluon are so similar that during the collision of a normal atom, a Gluon may react to the collision by spinning in the opposite direction. This reverse spin Gluon is Dark Matter.

Anti-Gluons dissipate quickly into the Dark Energy on Earth. They cannot survive in an area of Dark Energy that is vibrating in the opposite direction. They are disharmonious to the distinctly different harmony of the Baryonic Matter. This exacerbated the Anti-Gluons' dissipation into the Dark Energy.

This same process occurs with Quarks. Although Anti-Quarks can bond with Quarks to form Mesons. Then the meson becomes disharmonic and dissipates. Some Mesons are more stable then others.

Anti-Gluons and Anti-Quarks in their normal vibration space form 4 Anti-Gluons per Anti-Quark. Where the Anti-Gluon has a piece of an Anti-Quark on each end of the Anti-Gluon. This geometry forms a sheet. Sheets forms a Dark Matter space.
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