Monday, March 9, 2009

The Z Boson and Electricity & Plasma

Much is known and being studied in the field of electricity. I mean, We have some really cool things because of people's understanding of electricity. I'm writing on a tablet pc. What could be more cool than that? Iphone, maybe. So, we already have an incredible understanding of electricity.

Plasma physicists on the other hand are doing some really cool things with new ideas. They get to play with some wild toys. Plasma engines teams are making huge achievements in their field(with their fields). Plasma is going to turn out to be the next major leap in physical technology.

The Z Boson transmits information from the Gluon to the Electron and back again. In conductors the Z Boson knocks Electrons from their orbit. In that, a Z Boson is responsible for changes in the Electron's distance to the nucleus. This strength in it's field is a measure of the intensity of the information that the Z Boson carries.

The information the Z Boson carries is it's charge and two compressed datasets for the Electron. The first is so the Electron can create a photon; temperature, wavelength, and frequency of the Quarks. The second dataset contains information for the Electron; current and voltage of the Quarks.

So now I can finish this table.
Table of information
Boson.| Gluon....| W Boson..| Z Boson.....| Photon
info.....| Voltage...| Charge.....|Current........| Frequency
info.....| Color......| Current.....|Photon data| Wave Length
info.....| Length....| Voltage....|Electron data| Temperature

Electricity occurs when the intensity of information(current) of the Z Boson ejects an Electron through a conductor. Plasma occurs when the intensity of information of the Z Boson extends it's field beyond it's atom to another atom or a free electron.
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