Thursday, July 30, 2009

Flat Universe - Another silly result from relativity

I was reading an article in the NewScientist by Pedro Ferreira
"Dark energy may be bending the universe out of shape"

"WE LIVE in a special time. For the past two decades, most of my colleagues and I have been working under the assumption that we can know everything about the universe. We know the amount of matter and energy it contains. We know its shape is flat. We can trace its history from the earliest moments after the big bang and we can even predict its fate. Or at least we thought we could."

The article continues, "Together with later measurements from NASA's WMAP satellite, the results nailed down the geometry of the universe to within a few per cent."

And, "But it was only after a few years of whittling away at the signals in early 2000 that we saw our own clear evidence of hot and cold spots with a typical size of 1 degree."

It is absolutely ridiculous to state the universe is flat. There are Gamma Ray Bursts occurring all over the celestial sphere. Many of them have a red shift that would put them at >10 billion light years away. These are enormous explosion that create GRBs. These GRBs are probably galactic clusters exploding. If the universe was flat then these GRBs would be in the universe's elliptic or that 1 degree. This is not occurring.

In this Standard Vibration Model, Dark Energy is the aether that fills the universe. 100% of the universe is Dark Energy. Dark Energy is the medium in which all vibrations occur. Only 4% of the known universe is Baryonic in nature and the other 96% is Dark Matter.
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