Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baryon Volume

If a baryon's volume = 0 this violates the strong nuclear force. This would cause an explosion. I think if any of the gluons touch then this will occur.

3 Gluons form a triangle by intertwining their endpoints forming quarks. This triangle has an area. Since the baryon spins then the triangle's area forms a volume.

I was asked about this and after much discussion about mass having no volume I remembered this result. This comes from the 'Gravity' discussion at General Science Journal

Most of the baryon structure is explained further down the blog of in the paper 'Structure of Baryons'.

addendum 8/26/09
From the 'Theory of Everything' thread at GSJ

A baryon becomes more dense with a lack of space between its gluons. A baryon becomes less dense with an increase of space between its gluons. It has to do with the area of a spinning triangle. The larger the area the less dense the baryon.

Bobs: "Saying, "Or density is the space between gluons." is not the same as saying "Or density is the [lack of] space between gluons.". Different wording has different meaning."

These two statement do not have different meanings. They are different phases of the same system. This is like saying when water is below 0c, it becomes ice and reduces volume. When the temp of the water exceeds 100c, the water turns to vapor and expands its volume.

They are the same.
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