Saturday, July 11, 2009

More on Disproof of Gravity

I still cannot get past the Scalar * a dimensionless object = a field. That breaks laws of addition. Commutative.

I say a dimensionless object because mass has no volume. It does not matter if the mass is a shell, a point or a complex composite of material of masses. Each bit has no volume.

If we are to use mass then we cannot determine the volume. If we cannot determine volume we cannot determine position. If we cannot determine position then we cannot determine motion. If we cannot determine motion we cannot determine speed. If we cannot determine speed then we cannot determine vector accelleration. If we cannot determine vector accelleration then we cannot determine direction. This is from GSJ , my posting in the gravity thread.

This is a simple problem for those who Know Newton's Gravity is correct. Please If you can solve this simple problem.

Lets do a bit of math. 28 days worth. An hour by hour evaluation of the Sun-Earth-Moon relationship.

Lets use Newtonian Mechanics. f=gM1M2/r^2

Lets use the Wiki data for Mass, Distance and the sort. And everything in Metric

Sun Mass = 1.9891×10^30 kg
Earth Mass = 5.9736 × 10^24 kg
Moon Mass = 7.347 7 × 10^22 kg

Earth Aphelion = 152,097,701 km :Starting point
Moon Aphelion = 405,696 km :Starting/End point
Moon Perigee = 363,104 km :Mid point

Lets do one orbit and see what we get. Lets see if gravity can manage the lunar orbit. Sometimes we in physics need to evaluate the data.

This is a simple Newtonian Mechanics problem. All of the Gravity people should have solved this problem before accepting attraction between massive bodies as a Fact. Oh Yeah, Show your work. There should be 1344 calculations over 672 iterations for 28 days.

This is an impossible problem. Even Newton could not solve this problem. Scientist have tried to evaluate this problem but have done nothing but produce confusing math. There is no solution.

The reason this does not work is because of the Zero Dimensional Mass. As I have described in this blog, mass does not have volume.
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