Friday, December 11, 2009

Spiral over Norway

This is an amazing phenomena.

This was described by 'them' on CNN as a failed Russian ICBM test. Why can't 'they' say, 'I don't know'? Nobody has any idea what this is. This is not a failed missile test, this was an electric event. It shows similarities to an analog Mandelbrot set.

We can learn things from these pictures. I would like to know how long this remained in the sky.  Did pilots see this? Were there any electrical disturbances on the ground? Was this seen by other people and where were they? How many people saw this? Did the plume change position based on the observer? Did compasses or GPS systems work? Was the internet slow in the affected area? How long did it take for Google searches to return in the affected area? Did the event affect broadcast signals? Are there pictures over time of the event? What was the barometric pressure? Humidity? Did the magnetic probes around the earth pick up anything strange? What did the interstellar medium look like at this time? Were there other magnetic events occurring on other planets at this time? Was there a solar storm at this time?

One thing I noticed in the second picture is the lack of symmetry. I also noticed that the plume is changing position based on the spiral.

There are many more questions to be asked before any answers are developed.

Thanks to those who took the pictures and to Curt Youngs for the conversation.

Addendum: 01/18/2010
This is the description of what happened.

This is a cool site.
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