Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Standard Vibration Model Predictions

I was once asked what predictions could be made from this model, or something to that effect. At the time I wondered if this model could make a prediction of a new idea in physics. It can. This is more of an explanation of an existing problem.

A change in the magnetic field around a rocket will increase the altitude of the orbit. This magnetic field will create pressure against the dark matter. This is shown at this description of the Vanguard and Explorer spacecraft and the spinning ball experiment.

The equations shown in the published papers show a change in the magnetic field will change the shape of the dark/baryonic matter bubble.

Or the change in the magnetic field changes the density of the baryons. This change in density changes the altitude of density equilibrium.

They are actually the same statement, just different sides of the equation. You optimize the altitude of the satellite by changing the magnetic field surrounding the spacecraft during launch.

These changes in the magnetic field will require a great level of stability and understanding of the geometry of dark matter bubbles.

Prior to this model there was no explanation for this problem.
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