Sunday, April 4, 2010

Again I caught that on my unshielded CRT

It was upgraded to 7.2.

Credit NASA
Great pictures of the solar flare that caused that earthquake.

This theory show that earthquakes originate from the sun. NASA can now predict earthquakes. It will take some time to match previous data to earthquakes. This matching of datasets will show magnitude. NASA just cannot predict the location of the event, yet. The tools already exist. Congratulations to NASA for their work and results.

Earthquakes are a result of solar flares. The intense Z Boson flares from the sun and strikes the earth. This causes a discharge in the magnetosphere that strikes the earth in the most vulnerable fault. This theory shows that earthquakes are the result of coronal mass ejections.

A simple solar radiation detector. 
Take a CRT TV attached to a cable line. Remove some of the shielding on the antenna. Leave the TV power on. I had company over and was able to show him the solar radiation intensity as it was happening. It was so intense that I shut down my computer.
04/06/10 Extreme changes from black to blue from 7:00 am est.

It is my speculation that every earthquake has a corresponding solar event. 
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