Sunday, April 4, 2010

Atlas : Jet Events

Congratulations on the work all of you have done to build these detectors.

This is the main paper with data. Although I had some difficulty in downloading it.
This paper is huge. 1100+ pages. This paper does not download correctly using any web browser.
This paper is far more manageable. It is only 29 pages.

I have questions: On pages 8 and 10 of the smaller doc. MC is that Mass*C or is it Muon Candidate? Do those lines going through the data point show the min/max of the run? How many runs were put together to create those maps?

On page 8, why are there data points outside the line? Is the line what you expect and the data point is what you get?

Are these all simulations and what you EXPECT to see, or are these based on real data? That is what I understood from the conclusions. That these maps are simulations. The conclusion says you expect to see the Higg's at these points. Not that you did. Am I correct in that statement?

Why are the maps in 2d and not the expected 3d? I would expect to see the energy, distance, and time to be the factors of any broken vibrations. The general questions are: How did the energy transform over time? Was there a general direction these broken energies transformed over time? When did the baryon transform into heat, electricity, or magnetism?

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