Friday, April 10, 2015

David LaPoint's Primer Fields

Credit: David Allen LaPoint

This is amazing. Enjoy. We are beginning to see reality for what it is. Not what we want it to be. This is part one of three. In a very simple description. He shows us the geometry of magnetism as shown with real observation not just conjecture. This is the most difficult thing I have had to deal with. Plank's and Weber's equations really explain do not explain everything to the point that I am comfortable with. I would work with their understandings and logic until someone explained magnetism in the universe better. That is why this is a model. When one explanation is replaced by another, it is easy to do so within the confines of the model.

He talks about free electricity. That is not what I find remarkable in this video. I would really like to see some math about those bowl magnets.

Wow, Part one is amazing. I can agree with everything, even his disproof of within current accepted models that dark matter, dark energy and black holes don't exist. The problem then becomes

Dark Energy is where the math is done. Can't forget that important part of the equation. The actual EQUAL sign means math is done here.

Dark Matter still are gluons that are not excited by magnetism into rotation. Like a null instantiation of an undeclared variable.

The galaxy will always have a core. A Galactic Core is a dense baryonic object capable of ejecting stars like solar flares. Better then Black Hole.

Everything in this video works within the Standard Vibration Model as the W+/- Boson.

Now not to get involved in someone else s argument.
After some research on this topic 
I found this on  Thunderbolt Forum

Re: The Primer Fields? by nick c » Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:02 pm

All magnetic fields have their origins in an electric current. From where did the "two ceramic magnets" get their magnetic field? answer: from an electric current. Permanent magnets are not 'permanent' but are rather a remnant magnetic field which has it's origin in an electric current.
This paper, which seems to be only available as an abstract on line, shows that lodestones (natural permanent magnets) are created by lightning, aka electrical discharges. ... 6/abstract

These lodestones have Hc between 10 and 30 mT, SIRM between 8 and 18 Am²kg¹ and RI between 0.10 and 0.26. Magnetite, titanomagnetite and metals have REM values (ratio of NRM to SIRM) < 0.05. Samples (called fulgarites) obtained from the Smithsonian Institution have REM values ranging from 0.45 to 0.92. The REM value serves as a witness parameter to the magnetic fields associated with the lightning bolt. If a high REM value (say ≫ 0.1) can be verified as not to be due to contamination by man and does not contain MD hematite then the rock has LRM (lightning remanent magnetization). The magnetic field associated with lightning can be revealed from an isothermal remanent acquisition (RA) curve.

also: ... ode77.html

Mother Nature essentially processes the magnetite
ore to impart magnet properties and then charges the ore
with a lightning bolt. This process was verified with triggered
lightning experiments at the Langmuir lab (New
Mexico Tech) at South Baldy mountain.

Permanent magnets obtain their magnetic field from exposure to the strong magnetic field which accompanies an electric current. The permanent magnet's magnetic field has its' origin in an electric current

Understanding that the Electron communicates information collected from the W+/- Boson to the Z Boson. From there it is communicated to the Gluons of the Baryon.

La Point provides us with a fantastic new view of what we are looking at. We need to adapt his observations into our models and create the mathematical algorithms to prove them,
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