Sunday, April 19, 2015

OOPS, Magnetism, Baby and Bath Water?

According to this article the comet landings by the Rosetta probe and the Philae lander did not find magnetism at the level expected for Electromagnetic only theories. And the QUESTION became how? "You need to defend this", a friend said.

This is true for all Electromagnetic/Plasma ONLY theories. They tend not to examine Density of the Baryon, or in the worst case the dismiss the Baryon for an existential object (Comet,Planet,Star). 

But as David LaPoint has shown the electromagnetism of high energy objects. The Rosetta probe shows low energy electromagnetic objects. That comet is not rotating fast enough.

Neptune's atmosphere is 80% hydrogen and 19% helium. Wiki
So an object of almost all hydrogen and helium in high rotation will convert to a superfluid. 

If it had been rotating fast enough, they could not land the Philae lander. So you cannot dismiss other observations based on this. You the Scientist At ROSETTA AND PHILAE must release and open data on the comet if this is to be accepted. You are attempting to dismiss magnetism with your headlines and not the data. The DATA show this object is MAGNETIC. You actually state it in the article but it is easy to miss between the flashing adds. It is just not as magnetic as you demand for a displacement of magnetism for gravity. Again BOTH SIDE of the argument are missing the actual Baryon and its properties.
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