Friday, April 23, 2010

The Variability of Constants in a Bosonic Relationship

Variability of Constants, what exactly does that mean?

We all know there is a relationship required for an interaction of bosons to occur. The Zeeman effect shows one of these relationship. As the intensity of magnetism increases the rotation of the photon decreases.

The one that shows its ugly head out is the distance, direction and shape of peak intensity of a magnetic field. That would mean that the shape of a density with a high intensity magnetic field can change rapidly. When the high intensity magnetic field enters an area of low intensity magnetic fields. Spectacular changes in the Sun show this.

The concept of Dark Energy helps stabilize the mathematics needed for computing these relationships. Dark Energy is the medium. Dark Energy is the place to do the math for relationships of boson.

Capacitance and conductivity is another relationship which is based on temperature and density.
Temperature and current

Shapes required for this system. Each shape is 3 dimensional and moves to create a 4 dimension.
The Cone : The spinning triangle. The spinning Baryon. Three Gluons spinning. This is density
The Torus : The magnetic field. The W+/- Boson
The Vortex: The inverted torus. The Z Boson. This connects the W+/- Boson to the Baryon. This is electricity.
The Twine: The Photon. Three bits of information spinning around each other.
The Lattice: Non spinning antigluons. This is Dark Matter. This provides resistance to Baryonic information.
The Spiral: The Lepton Electron. Its rotation is the asymptote of three bosons; W+/-, Z, and Photon. Its direction and connection provide charge.

Although these are the perfect shapes, They are never found in their perfect shape in nature. This is due to the constant change in information.

chiccoreal comment "Could there be an immediate effect on other bozons throughout the galaxy"

We know that photons have a speed. This speed is variable based on the medium the photon travels through.

There is a maximum speed a photon can travel. This speed is based on the intensity of the magnetic field, the electric field, and the baryonic density through which it travels.

It takes approximately 2.5 days for CMEs to travel from the Sun to the Earth. The speed of magnetism is based on the electric field, the temperature and the baryonic density through which it travels.

The speed of photons is far greater than the speed of W+/- Bosons.
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